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“Any form of therapy that can reduce stress will help maintain health.”

Energy Healing 

Life can feel stressful at times when we are facing difficult periods. We can struggle with low energy, low drive. We can feel depleted,  hopeless. Some people have confidence issues whether through comparing themselves to others or from societal pressure and expectations. We can be left feeling alone and powerless. This is when Energy Healing can help.
Are you feeling tired? Do you feel energetically out of balance? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you emotionally depleted, cut off or are you feeling that you are not able to communicate or verbalise your emotions? Do you feel physical and mental blocks? Would you like to feel replenished? More relaxed? Would you like to feel more in tune with yourself? Nurtured and held? There are many healing offerings that can help you.
Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Shamanic techniques, Crystal Healing are the therapies I use to help you regain balance and feel safe in your physical and emotional body again. This can help you feel peaceful within yourself, nourished and safe.

Energy Healing is a natural way to ease pain, replenish and rebalance the body and soul. Energy healing is the original form of medicine consisting in Laying on the hands.It has been practiced for over four thousand years. It works on the subtle flow of energy throughout the body to help restore the well-being and the balance of the person.

My Services

Sessions are in person 

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my Integrated Energy Therapy session with Mariana.
IET is a similar healing modality to reiki but more intensive. It works by
releasing energetic blocks from your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual
body. Mariana works on your meridian lines to help bring your body back into
its natural state of balance. Mariana is a very gifted and powerful healer and I
would highly recommend her."

Sheila, Dublin

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