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“Astrology is a Language.
If you understand this language, the Sky speaks to you.”

Dane Rudhyar

Hellenistic  Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology was the first tradition that utilises the Ascendant and the twelve houses. This makes it the first tradition of horoscopic astrology. Hellenistic Astrology emerged in the Hellenistic period, it reached its height during the time of the Roman Empire. It was practiced in the Mediterranean region mainly Egypt, the Levant, modern day Turkey and Greece from approximately the first century BCE until the seventh century CE. Hellenistic Astrology represents the foundations and origins of Western Astrology. It uses the original whole signs house system and the major Ptolemeic aspects. Specific ancient techniques are applied in order to divine the life story of the client. It can help people by giving them answers about many aspects of their life, destiny and character. At the moment, Hellenistic Astrology is undergoing a huge revival as the old Greek source texts have been translated thanks to the work of the Greek scholars at Project Hindsight. I was called to study and practice Hellenistic Astrology because it is the tradition of my ancestors. I come from a part of the world which is the birth place of Astrology. You can read more about Hellenistic Astrology through the writings of Chris Brennan and Demetra George.

Psychological/Jungian Astrology

My journey with Astrology started with psychological astrology.  It is a school of astrology that focuses on self-awareness and understanding of the self. It is based mainly on the psychology of Carl Jung and developed by Dr Liz Greene and the late Howard Sasportas. Through exploring the archetypal and psychological meaning of the planets often based on Greek myths, a story is seeded at the time of birth appears in each individual chart. The client can then discover what makes them tick, their resources, conflicts they tend to go through, and their complexes all this will lead them on a path of self-individuation. The astrologer guides the client through this journey. The sessions are a dialogue between the astrologer and the client in order for the client to become more conscious, to uncover blind spots and eventually to heal and grow.

My Services

Sessions are online Worldwide on Zoom.
When scheduling a reading, please include your birth info: birth date, time and place. I will get back to you by email to schedule a day and time for your session.
Testimonials new2.jpg
“Great experience altogether! I got my Birth Chart done for the first time and
got so much out of it. I have very little knowledge of Astrology and Mariana
gave very detailed explanations. Her interpretation of the chart showed a very
open, grounded and creative approach in a way that made me feel engaged
and curious about the process from the start. Her enthusiasm in astrology and
er interest in how this influenced me as an individual were inspiring. Her
reading gave me great insights and lots of food for thought about who I am
and I had so much synergy after the session. I highly recommend it."

Maria, Dublin

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