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Hey, I’m Mariana. I am an Astrologer and a Healer.
Here is a little bit about me.

I was born in Lebanon at the outbreak of the civil war and grew up in Beirut during the challenging years of the war. However, I managed to survive and I developed a huge survival instinct, resilience and a great love of life. I got attached to life so much that it created a deep existential anxiety in me around loss; loss of life, loss of love, loss of security…but what do you expect when someone grew up in an unsafe world?

During those years of violence and strife, Astrology came to my rescue. Astrology and my grandmother! Let’s start with Astrology. My father was passionate about Astrology and had astrological books all around the apartment. These books were my refuge when the danger outside became unbearable. Astrology gave me hope, showed me how strong my Aries Sun is and how my Pluto-Moon will hold my hand through the dark. My maternal grandmother was another main figure in my childhood and teenage years. She was a naturally intuitive healer and she used to apply her hands on me every time I felt distressed or physically sick. Her care and healing hands, helped me survive the war. She passed on at the end of the war as if her mission was done but her healing powers live on through me.

In my twenties, I graduated in French Literature and I taught French language and Literature in high schools in Beirut. Then I moved to Ireland at my Saturn Return. I did another Masters in French Film in UCD in 2006. I’m in Ireland twenty years now. I’m a mother and I’m still a teacher. In 2013, after struggling with existential anxiety, I decided to learn Reiki. For a year, I attended workshops with Gillian McNamara and became a Reiki Master. The doors of the holistic alternative world started to open one after the other. In 2016, I took an intensive Astrology course with French Astrologer Emilie Charton as Astrology was giving me insights in times of doubt and was giving me clarity on what was happening in my life. The first professional astrologer I consulted had told me that the theme of the Underworld was very highlighted in my chart. She reckoned I could help people through their traumas because I went through the Underworld myself and came back. This brings back the Archetype of “The Wounded Healer”, this ability to heal others because you went through the wound yourself and developed an understanding and a compassion to other people’s suffering.

I wasn’t happy at the time with the jobs I was doing. As I wasn’t able to fit in a corporate job, I was teaching part-time to keep some form of independence. I knew however that this also was not in line with who I am. So I went on to study Astrology in a structured academic way. I knew that this was what I wanted to do: help people through their anxieties, guide them find their life purpose and give them hope.

As I had a background in Psychoanalysis and had studied Carl Jung in college, I decided to learn with the Centre for Psychological Astrology and Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology. After 3 years, I graduated with a certificate signed by Dr Liz Greene. A privilege I never thought I would ever have.

Then I wanted to go further in my studies and know about the roots of Astrology, which happens to stem from my part of the world. I always admired the work and the never-ending kindness of Adam Elenbaas. I started a four- year journey of Hellenistic Astrology at his School “Nightlight Astrology”. I graduated with a certificate in Advanced Hellenistic Astrology. I am currently studying with Kelly Surtees blending Hellenistic and Modern astrology.

I am certified as a community Herbalist from “Sky house Herbs School”, USA. I have an interest in Shamanism. I trained in Transcultural Shamanism with Loumitea in Ecole de Chamanisme transculturel du Quebec. (Introduction) and did one year of Celtic Shamanism, The Medicine Spiral with Sli an Chroi, Dublin, Ireland.

If you are drawn to Astrology or Energy Healing, write to me and I’m more than happy to talk to you about it. I am looking forward to meeting you.
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