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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Astrology do
you practice?

I’m a traditional Hellenistic astrologer. This means I use ancient reading techniques and whole sign houses when I read. However, I’m open to other more modern approaches such as the psychological/archetypal Jungian approach, and I incorporate this approach into my readings.

Can Energy Healing cure disease?

No, it can’t. If you are concerned about your health or suffer from illness, please consult with your medical doctor.

This is my first Astrology reading.
What can I expect?

We look at your chart together, and discuss the life path described by the birth сhart. We can also look at the future described by the current astrological transits. We don’t have to look at the transits, we can limit the reading to the birth chart if that is your wish and discuss personality traits and life story.

How do you do a healing session online?

I send a zoom link to the client. The client and me are both present on zoom. I ask the client to lie down, they can have their camera off and I mentally perform the session by sending healing to the different energetic areas of the client’s body and soul. Energy is not limited to space nor physicality and work efficiently at distance.

What days and times are you available for readings or Energy Healing?

I try to accommodate clients as soon as I can. I can be flexible regarding times and days as I have clients worldwide. You can email me to arrange a session. I am fast at responding.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, once you give me 24-hour notice.

We can also rearrange the time of the

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