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A Birth Chart Reading is a discovery of your life story through the alignment of the planets at your birth.

Birth Chart Reading is advised for first time clients with me. I work with Hellenistic (Traditional) Astrology, if you have done a reading with a modern astrologer, you still need to do an Initial birth chart reading with me. Your natal chart represents the story you are born into and the plotline of your life. Having your birth chart read can answer questions such as “Who I am”, “Why I am here?” “What is my life purpose?” “How can I navigate life with more awareness”? "In what areas of my life I  would  encounter difficulties or ease?", "What is my relationship to pleasure, joy and creativity?", "Am I in right job, what job suits me better?". "What type of relationship or person is nurturing for me?"


In an initial reading we also discuss one or two important upcoming planetary transits or a transit that you are experiencing at the moment of the reading.


A birth chart reading is a journey. One session is not enough, you can do as many as you wish to understand in depth the different areas of your life.
When scheduling a reading, please include your birth info: birth date, birth time and birthplace. You can either pay for a reading and then schedule with me via email, or schedule the reading with me and then pay. 

24-hour cancellation is required. Sessions are recorded and sent to you. You also receive a PDF of the charts.


Birth Chart Reading

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