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Natal Chart and Forecast follow up is a reading for those who already have had their birth chart read with me.

A Forecast reading also called Transits Reading which is a Timing technique revealing how the current sky is interacting with your natal chart looking a year out or more. This reading offers you an overview of how major planetary transits are affecting different areas of our life: work, relationships, travel, life
direction, etc. If the client has booked a longer session, I also explore nuanced areas of the birth chart or/and use other forecasting techniques such as Zodiacal Releasing, Annual Profections, Progressed Lunation and Eclipses.


When scheduling a reading, please include your birth info: birth date, birth time and birthplace. You can either pay for a reading and then schedule with me via email, or schedule the reading with me and pay later. 

24-hour cancellation is required. Sessions are recorded and sent to you. You also receive a PDF of the charts.

Forecast Reading

PriceFrom €59.00
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