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Integrated Energy Therapy Healing (IET) releases all blockages and negativity from cellular memory and replaces them with positivity, safety and peace.

It is a powerful and very effective yet gentle technique, which works on the body, mind and soul in order to restore natural balance, we encounter many challenges in our life, and some go back to our childhood and beyond. We can feel confused, angry, depressed, and fearful. We can suffer from physical pain, chronic illnesses, anxiety, addictions and sometimes unjustified fears. All this takes place in our stuck places. IET offers physical and spiritual freedom. The human being is more than a physical body. We are surrounded by an energy field known as our Aura. It is invisible but it drives the internal energy source within.

IET consists of laying on the hands on certain areas of the body to release all negativity and blockages from the physical body and the aura. It is like a deep cleanse of all fears, a release of your suppressed feelings. It uses angelic energy to clear physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages from the
body and the aura. It offers a gentle yet potent support for survivors of physical or emotional trauma and abuse, for those who lacked care and love growing up or have suffered from neglect or addictions.

It is a holistic therapy that can be used alone or in combination with other holistic or traditional therapies. A few sessions might be needed to clear energy blockages.

I use Crystal Healing as part of my IET sessions. I place crystals on different areas of the body to channel crystalline energy promoting relaxation and restoring equilibrium. Crystals create a healing effect by changing the negative vibrations into positive ones. The sensation is subtle but crystal
energy penetrates into your energy field and physical body to restore your balance, transmute negative thoughts and offer you a High Vibration experience and clearing.

Integrated Energy Therapy

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